Leading Others, Self Development

Cracking The Empathy Code

It's said that every time you recall something you change the memory. So in fact our memories are never an accurate reflection of what happened, precisely. They a version of our truth, but not the ultimate truth. It becomes the story that we tell ourselves; not the reality to which we have experienced. But the… Continue reading Cracking The Empathy Code


#cherishcurates: Being Wrong, Fast Drawing, Culture Fit, Recruitment & Mindset

#cherishcurates - where I summarise the top 5 bits of content I came across this week that have added to my thinking on all things people, performance and how we work. This week the top 5 (in no particular order are) are: What makes a good leader - Gary Vaynerchuck Fast drawing for everyone -… Continue reading #cherishcurates: Being Wrong, Fast Drawing, Culture Fit, Recruitment & Mindset

Leading Others, Self Development

1 Question to Determine Your Leadership Credibility

I recently heard this statement at a leadership course I went to - click here if you want to know what course I attended, highly recommend. Why should anyone be led by you? ....when you say it like that.. Brings it back into context that leadership isn't about you. Well that's what I believe anyway.… Continue reading 1 Question to Determine Your Leadership Credibility


Looking back and forward 2014/2015

In 2015 I'm going to investigate more about.... Communication design principles. Colour, layout, design, writing style, advertising and connection through visual media - I have to know more! I think there is a real gap in the skill set of HR practitioners in this space. Knowing how to craft communications with excellence beyond a boring… Continue reading Looking back and forward 2014/2015

By Cherish Bentley

Making your employees use social media

It seems that every smart employer has a social media strategy of some sort. We acknowledge that communicating with our customers is what strong brands are all about these days.  More and more we are seeing employers involving their team members on social media, asking them to engage with hashtags and share what's going on at… Continue reading Making your employees use social media