#cherishcurates: Being Wrong, Fast Drawing, Culture Fit, Recruitment & Mindset

#cherishcurates - where I summarise the top 5 bits of content I came across this week that have added to my thinking on all things people, performance and how we work. This week the top 5 (in no particular order are) are: What makes a good leader - Gary Vaynerchuck Fast drawing for everyone -… Continue reading #cherishcurates: Being Wrong, Fast Drawing, Culture Fit, Recruitment & Mindset

By Cherish Bentley

The Graduate Problem

I see posts on LinkedIn across all kinds of forums asking for advice on how to land a role. People offer the same advice: apply for internships and volunteer your time network with others in the profession get your resume and LinkedIn checked out by a professional This is what I call a band-aid fix. Why… Continue reading The Graduate Problem

By Cherish Bentley

Making your employees use social media

It seems that every smart employer has a social media strategy of some sort. We acknowledge that communicating with our customers is what strong brands are all about these days.  More and more we are seeing employers involving their team members on social media, asking them to engage with hashtags and share what's going on at… Continue reading Making your employees use social media

By Cherish Bentley

Recruitment ads for zombies

Recently I spent a fair chunk of my time reading and reviewing recruitment ads across a variety of industries. What this has exposed to me is an across the board propaganda campaign to make jobs appear much better than they really are. There are a handful of companies that I came across who manage to… Continue reading Recruitment ads for zombies