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2 Easy Ways To Make a Career Change Faster

A career plan rarely goes to plan. It can feel really disorientating to be so sure of your career path and then find yourself questioning whether this what you really want to spend your time on. I have been there, and I grappled with reconciling this huge investment of my time and education into a particular… Continue reading 2 Easy Ways To Make a Career Change Faster

By Cherish Bentley

The Graduate Problem

I see posts on LinkedIn across all kinds of forums asking for advice on how to land a role. People offer the same advice: apply for internships and volunteer your time network with others in the profession get your resume and LinkedIn checked out by a professional This is what I call a band-aid fix. Why… Continue reading The Graduate Problem

By Cherish Bentley

Humanity, Culture and Performance Reviews

Performance reviews spark fear in the hearts of managers and employees everywhere. You know you are going to have to sit down with your manager, justify your performance, possibly get a reality check and hear some tough feedback. All accross a boardroom table, fully documented and ready to submit to HR. Then if you don't… Continue reading Humanity, Culture and Performance Reviews