People Development & HR Consultant

  • BBus, Bachelor of Business (Human Resources)
  • MHROD, Master of Human Resources & Organisational Development

I’m known for being creative, communicating with energy and warmth, encouraging others to be involved. My strengths are understanding others ideas and feelings and to overcome challenges and build relationships (and endless opportunities for humour); as well as imagining possibilities, which lends itself to innovation and continuous improvement (and moments of magic).

My belief…

Businesses and the HR profession have a responsibility to look at workplaces and consciously craft environments that people want to be a part of and can feel good about at the same time.

People who feel connected to the world around them are better people, they go home to their families, friends, pets, hobbies and are better for it. Our workplaces can change the world. But it starts small, right now.

I started as a frontline manager before moving into a career in HR. After working across hospitality, retail, professional services and small businesses, it’s amazing how similar the needs of people are in the workplace.

Connect with me on Twitter @cherishbentley.


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